Work with Linktree!

Job description

We are growing rapidly during 2020 so while a role may not be advertised right now, that doesn't mean we might not be looking for you very soon! 

Our offices are based in Melbourne but that could also be expanding due to the global spread of our customers.


Linktree is a SaaS startup, so experience in similar environments and companies is always a plus as you'd understand the startup culture, speed and attitude required. 

Positions that we already have in our team range from Software Engineers, Product Managers, UX Designers, UI Designers, Product Designers, UX Researchers, Performance Marketers, Social Media specialists, Customer Support, Customer Success, Scrum Masters, Growth Marketers, Partnership Marketers, Operations, CTO.

So if you are one of these or wanting to be one, it's worth getting in touch with us.

The Linktree story

Linktree is a smart-linking platform that enables users to share their content online and has transformed the way people are discovering content.

The Linktree story starts in 2016, when co-founders Alex, Anthony and Nick were running a digital agency and using Instagram to make announcements about the artists they managed. Created as a side-hustle to solve a simple problem, Linktree has well outgrown its roots, with over 5 million users worldwide, 15,000 - 20,000 new signups every day and over 120 million unique views per month.

Our audience is broad, spanning publications, artists, celebrities, fashion and beauty influencers, YouTube stars, sports teams and household brands, right the way through to individuals with a side hustle and micro-influencers. Linktree users include Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez, Pharrell, Jamie Oliver, Vice, Red Bull, Adult Swim, Patreon, Naomi Campbell, Comedy Central, Gordon Ramsay, Billabong…and many more!

Our offices are in Collingwood but we are currently working remotely during COVID19 and offer great flexibility.