Senior Product Manager

Job description

Linktree product managers have the unique opportunity to work on a growing product that has found initial early product-market fit. Linktree product managers love to work on delivering features and products from start to finish; from ideation sessions with the CEO and leadership team, to finding the nuggets of gold in our customer data, to delivering experience customers love. If you love being a mentor, working cross-functionally and a scaling tech startup appeals to you, please read on.

Our product managers need to be data literate, well versed in all aspects of customer discovery, a high level of comfort with technical requirements, a strong eye for QA and UAT, and most importantly should be able to work in a high paced and changing environment. You will oversee delivery and work directly with engineers and designers in making sure your sprints and releases are on track, bug-free, well documented, and leave everyone involved feeling proud and satisfied of their work. 

What it's like to work here:

While every company will say their culture is amazing, ours really is. Linktree's company culture and values are based around collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. Those are all nice words but to give you some more specific examples:

We are a family-friendly and flexible work environment with our team with a number of our team working hours around school and home commitments.

We have several diversity and inclusion initiatives underway, including a D&I council, training for all staff on neurodiversity and the incorporation of a transgender inclusion policy.

Our team is diverse across age, gender, and race and we are very proud of that.

Due to COVID we are all remote but even when COVID is behind us, we will be a mixed remote and in-office company. With our team already spread across 8 locations and 3 countries, we will always be some form of remote.

We prioritise our team's mental health, with all employees have free access to &, including 1:1 coaching sessions from qualified psychologists or counselors.


What we look for in CVs / Linkedin Profiles:

Experience as a Product Manager in SaaS startup environments is a preference as the pace and constantly changing environment can be very different to enterprise products. But if you do come from a non SaaS/startup backgrounds and can demonstrate that ability to work end to end without scrum masters, QAs and big research teams, we are all ears. We are a high volume B2C product so experience in products of a similar nature is also a plus.

What we look for in the people we hire:

Empathetic, approachable and adaptable people, we are a fast-growing startup so systems and processes might not be established and perfect but that's ok for you. You like to say things like "we don't have that? no problem, would you like me to help get that in place".

Collaboration is also key as we are scaling as cross-functional a team as possible, especially in this role you'd love to be the glue between all sorts of different internal and external stakeholders. In general, we are always looking for collaborative, ambitious, and intelligent people, without ego.

The Linktree story…

The Linktree journey begins in 2016, when co-founders Alex, Anthony and Nick were running a digital agency and using Instagram to make announcements about the artists they managed. Created as a side hustle to solve a simple problem, Linktree has well outgrown its roots, with over 8 million users worldwide, 20,000 + new signups every day and over 120 million unique views per month. Paired with rapid growth, Linktree has recently garnered much attention in the tech world, earning 4th place on Fast Company's "10 most innovative social media companies of 2020".

2020 has been a big year for us, growing our team from under 20 to over 40 and we're now located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Brisbane, LA, and Ireland.

The Linktree audience is broad, spanning publications, artists, celebrities, fashion and beauty influencers, YouTube stars, sports teams and household brands, right the way through to individuals with a side hustle and micro-influencers. Linktree subscribers include Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez, Pharrell, Jamie Oliver, Vice, Red Bull, Adult Swim, Patreon, Naomi Campbell, Comedy Central, Gordon Ramsay, Billabong…and many more!

Please apply or email if you feel you fit the bill and want to join our team.