Employee Engagement Specialist

Job description

In the time it takes you to read this job ad, around 100 new accounts will have signed up to Linktree. 

If you read through the requirements as a checklist and haven't ticked every box, please don't rule yourself out just yet. We've seen the research that women and other people in underrepresented groups tend to only apply when the checklist is all ticks and no crosses. Don't self reject!

The role:

We’re looking for an experienced Employee Engagement Specialist who loves to create content which informs, energises and unifies teams. You’ll help us grow a diverse workplace by shining a light on the research and development undertaken by our talented teams and by developing innovative internal campaigns to celebrate life at Linktree.

This role will see you collaborate with various partners across Linktree, from Product & Engineering, Ops, People & Culture, Talent, PR, Brand and Social.

This role will be based in Australia, preferably Melbourne, where the majority of our tech team is based.

Our culture & benefits:
Linktree's company culture and values are based around collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. Those are all nice words but to give you some more specific examples:

  • We are a family-friendly and flexible work environment with a number of our team working hours around school and home commitments.
  • 20 days paid leave per year
  • We have a paid 18-week parental leave program that is inclusive of birth and non-birthing parents and supports the whole parenting lifecycle
  • We have several diversity and inclusion initiatives underway, including a D&I council, training for all staff on neurodiversity, unconscious bias, and the incorporation of a transgender inclusion policy.
  • Our team is diverse across age, gender, and race and we are very proud of that.
  • All Linktree staff work either fully remote or a hybrid remote and in-office sometimes and that will continue even when COVID is behind us and our team is spread across Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Ireland and Nigeria.
  • We prioritise our team's mental health, all employees have free access to Uprise, including 1:1 coaching sessions from qualified psychologists or counsellors.
  • All Linktree staff receive $1000 AUD (~ $750 USD) towards setting up their work from home space.


In this role you will:

  • Develop, coordinate and lead the execution of all Linktree’s internal communication, across announcements, weekly updates, company and function All Hands.
  • Bring our technical research, development and roadmap to life through engaging content.
  • Help team members adapt to change in a high pace environment with captivating content.
  • Identify, secure and plan content for speaking opportunities for our versatile team at conferences, on podcasts, in the media and external publications.
  • Bring Linktree’s culture to life and find ways to creatively communicate them externally.
  • Increase awareness of our employer brand globally, with a focus on product and engineering.
  • Partner with our People & Culture team on HR campaigns to communicate our total rewards, diversity and inclusion initiatives, employee recognition programs and performance management.
  • Storytell through video and social content that engages talent inside and outside of Linktree

What we are looking for:

  • 3+ years prior experience in an Internal Communications role, within a tech company.
  • A creative storyteller who can build personas and develop tailored messaging and programs to engage our current employees and attract new talent.
  • Exceptional writing skills and a master of voice and tone.
  • A strong understanding of branding to be able to sell Linktree as an employer of choice.
  • Experience implementing creative marketing, social and recruiting campaigns under short deadlines.
  • Enthusiastic attitude, work well on teams and be able to adapt quickly to a fast-moving environment.
  • Ability to build global cross-functional relationships.

The Linktree Story

Linktree is the market-leading linking platform that was the first of its kind, creating an entirely new category in tech. Linktree is the identity layer of the internet, allowing users to curate a singular destination housing what’s most important to them, in real time. 

With a user base of 20M+, Linktree helps brands, influencers, small businesses, activists and everyday creators carve out their place and reach their full potential online. The world’s biggest influencers and creators from Selena Gomez to Pharrell Williams, as well as big brands like HBO and Facebook are using Linktree to connect their followers to their entire online ecosystem.

The platform averages 30,000 daily sign ups and has over half a billion visits to Linktrees each month. In the past 12 months, Linktree has gained phenomenal momentum growing its user base by 3x with no signs of slowing down.

In March 2021, we raised $45 million in Series B funding. The funding will be used to expand headcount globally, develop product features and go towards making Linktree the best possible place to work for our staff!