Creator Lead

Job description

In the time it takes you to read this job ad, around 100 new accounts will have signed up to Linktree.

Excited to join our rocket ship, but not sure that you “tick all the boxes”? No worries - we’re always curious to discover like-minded people! Send us your resume and we’ll reach out if and when something relevant comes up!

The role:

This role exists to grow and maintain the number of high-profile/high-value creators using Linktree to promote and manage their online presence. It's a relationship-led role with sales and account management pieces--you will develop new relationships but make sure retention is as high as possible at all times by promoting the benefits of using Linktree, updating customers on new features, taking their feedback back to our Product teams and giving them an extremely high level of account management.

What you will own:

Lead Linktree's relationships with key users and stakeholders in the creator, influencer and digital talent space. This could be direct to the creator, their management, or agencies located anywhere in the world. Success will be measured by the quality and number of new relationships you develop and key users that you onboard.

You will develop strategies to initiate interest and maintain engagement from first messages through to developing key users into Linktree advocates. Living in this space will allow you to gather feedback and deliver that back to our Product teams so we can continually adapt and improve our product for our users in the creator space.

Owning your role doesn’t mean you’re on your own, though - you’ll have peers, leaders and mentors available to help when needed as you innovate your way to delivering results and supporting others. This role works closely with Jeremy on identifying our key customers and the strategies we use, as well as collaborating with people like Sammy who drives the music vertical, allowing you to learn from success and failures in your respective markets. 

What we are looking for:

A combination of customer-facing roles within SaaS product environments, social platforms, or in the commercialization of the creator economy. This could be customer success, partnerships or sales roles with a rough guideline of at least 2 years of experience within these roles. It's essential that you've worked with product teams as there are key differences in gathering customer feedback and managing their expectations on what we can deliver back on.

Having a passion for the passion and creator economies is also important as we want you to be an authentic advocate for Linktree to the communities we live in.

Where and how we work:

This role can be based anywhere in the USA, we currently have close to 20 people in the US with offices in Melbourne, Sydney with LA coming next. Our team is spread across Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Ireland and Nigeria.

Being globally distributed doesn't mean working to one time-zone and we offer autonomy and flexibility in how you structure your days and weeks. There will be the need for some collaboration outside of a "normal" 9-5 being a global company but we aim to work asynchronously where possible.

Our culture & benefits:

Linktree's company culture and values are based around collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. Those are all nice words but to give you some more specific examples:

  • We have a paid 18-week parental leave program that is inclusive of birth and non-birthing parents and supports the whole parenting lifecycle
  • We are proud to offer all regular full-time and part-time employees 20 hours' paid volunteering leave per calendar year.
  • We have several diversity and inclusion initiatives underway, including a D&I council, training for all staff on neurodiversity, unconscious bias, and the incorporation of a transgender inclusion policy.
  • We prioritise our team's mental health, with all employees have free access to Headspace and Uprise, including 1:1 coaching sessions from qualified psychologists or counsellors.
  • All Linktree staff receive $700 USD towards setting up their work from home space


The Linktree Story

The average number of social media accounts is close to 9 per person these days. Chances are you’re also using more than 3-4 social media platforms - But where should someone who want to discover more about you can achieve that? In a highly fragmented digital world, the concept of presenting your whole self feels overwhelming to most - and that’s where Linktree comes in.

Creating this category 5 years ago, we launched a simple tool that allowed anyone to manage their corner of the online world. Want to link all your social media accounts under one link? Thinking of turning your passion into your income? Want to share your ideas, beliefs, or even just a playlist you like? Linktree has the platform to help you get it done.

It sounds good, we hear you say, but how do I know if it works? Fair question - why don’t you take it up with Facebook, TikTok, Redbull, HBO, Metallica, Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez, or Michelle Obama? They’re all using Linktree!

With an average sign up rate of 30,000+ new users per day for the past 18 months (with no signs of stopping), ans with our latest funding round of $45M USD announced recently, we’re on our way to make real impact on the digital world - and we’d love for you to join us for this ride.